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Camilo's Chocolate

51% Dark Milk Chocolate

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Experience the luxurious and velvety taste of our 51% dark milk chocolate. Made with premium organic cacao beans sourced responsibly for the highest quality and craftsmanship, our chocolate is a delight for the senses. Savour its complex flavour profile and smooth texture, and enjoy the ultimate chocolate indulgence. Ideal for chocolate lovers who appreciate sustainable and ethical practices, our organic chocolate is the perfect choice for a satisfying and elevated chocolate experience.

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  • Bird friendly

    Explore guilt-free chocolate delights with our 'Bird Friendly' cacao.
    Sourced from a bird sanctuary, our beans are a testament to sustainable
    practices and exquisite taste.

  • All natural ingredients

    Delight your senses with our artisanal chocolates; crafted with love and
    natural ingredients. Nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and
    preservative-free for a pure and indulgent experience.

  • Bio-degradable packaging

    Savor the flavor and contribute to a greener world. Our chocolates not
    only tantalize your taste buds but also come in eco-friendly
    packaging—water-based ink and biodegradable cellophane.

  • Award winning

    Embark on a journey of award-winning flavors. Our chocolates have
    secured silver and bronze medals at the International Chocolate Awards
    in the Americas. Indulge in the finest tastes of excellence.