About Us

Our family comes from a long line of Dominican cacao farmers spanning four generations. Growing up in the capital city, my dad spent every weekend on our family's farm where we tended to the crops, rode horses, and spent time with relatives. I vividly remember the days when my dad started planting organic cacao on the farm. It was hard work, but incredibly rewarding. Our family has always been passionate about sustainable farming practices, and we believe that the best chocolate comes from cacao that's grown and harvested with care.

In the summer of 2022, we conceived the idea of starting our chocolate company. Fueled by our commitment to quality and sustainability, we decided to bring our dream to life. We ventured to Quebec to conduct tests, laying the groundwork for our official launch in 2023. Although we're not currently using my father's cacao, we're still proud to carry on our family's legacy of responsible farming and delicious chocolate. Our bean-to-bar process ensures that each bite of our chocolate captures the rich, nuanced flavors of our premium cacao, while supporting our commitment to sustainable agriculture and social responsibility.