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the two founders of camilo's chocolate with bars of chocolate in their hands

We invite you to embark on this journey with Camilo’s Chocolate. Explore our website and
discover the mouthwatering flavours and the stories behind our bean-to-bar chocolates.Together, let's celebrate the rich heritage of cacao, uplift local communities, and preserve our natural environment. Thank you for being a part of Our Story!

  • Bird friendly

    Explore guilt-free chocolate delights with our 'Bird Friendly' cacao.
    Sourced from a bird sanctuary, our beans are a testament to sustainable
    practices and exquisite taste.

  • All natural ingredients

    Delight your senses with our artisanal chocolates; crafted with love and
    natural ingredients. Nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and
    preservative-free for a pure and indulgent experience.

  • Bio-degradable packaging

    Savor the flavor and contribute to a greener world. Our chocolates not only tantalize your taste buds but also come in eco-friendly packaging and biodegradable cellophane.

  • Award winning

    Embark on a journey of award-winning flavors. Our chocolates have secured silver medals at both the International Chocolate Awards and the Academy of Chocolate. Indulge in the finest tastes of excellence.

three cacao farmers in a cacao plantation

From Nature's Heart to Yours: Indulge in Conscious Chocolate Bliss.

Our farmers

Meet the Heart of Our Chocolate: Our dedicated farmers, the unsung heroes behind each exquisite bar. We believe in fair pay, ensuring they receive their rightful share. Beyond salaries, 40% of our profits go back to these passionate cultivators, fostering a sustainable partnership that sweetens every moment of our bean-to-bar journey.

Best chocolate I have ever had. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Robinson Reyes

Je viens tout juste de goûter à vos 2 chocolats. Ils sont exceptionnels.

Maud Gaudreau - Etat de choc
the grandfather of the founder of Camilo's Chocolate sitting in a chair
a family eating mango in front of piglets

Welcome to Camilo’s Chocolate, where the rich cacao heritage of Jose's family meets Sandra's entrepreneurial spirit. Founded by this dynamic duo, we invite you to join us on a journey that began in the Dominican Republic, where generations of passionate cacao cultivation have come together to create exceptional chocolate experiences.

The love for cacao runs deep in our family's roots. As founders, we have always felt a strong connection to the land and a profound appreciation for farming, particularly when it comes to the world of cacao.